Project Seastone

The original "Seastones" began as simple "coffee table" sculptures - round, closed forms that rattle when picked up. It is an intriguing, tactile conversation piece. Glazing is very watery and looking at the blues and greens made me wonder if they would float. They do! I then decided to glaze the entire piece (including the bottom). Since there is no way to sign them, I now make a clay disc with my name, address and date on it. This disc goes inside the Seastone; it is not visible but, psychologically, I know it is within each piece. Seastone
3 Seastones About the same time the Seastone was evolving, our son, Scott, who was a junior in college, learned about "Semester at Sea" and decided to apply. This is a college semester spent aboard a large ship (450 students). He was accepted and sailed from Vancouver on September 11, 1986. Taking classes on board relating to the countries he visited, he went around the world and came back into Florida three and a half months later.
I sent seven "Seastones" with Scott, to be dropped into the seas and oceans all the way around the world! He recorded the date, time, latitude and longitude of each "drop". When the "Seastones" wash ashore and are found, each contains all the information concerning its origin. The only way it can divulge this information is if it is destroyed. Therein lies the mystery. Heading out to sea
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