hands...Roadkill Impressionism

Steve, the Schoolhouse Bat
Steve, the Schoolhouse Bat
Frogs doing the Twist
Frog Pond

"What sounds like a morbid pastime is actually transformed into beautiful craft, when she takes mummified animals and presses them into the surface of her pottery. What would have been ordinary pieces of pottery without the images of the animals are changed into dynamic plates and bowls. It is an art form she calls 'roadkill impressionism'."-The Dorset Country Journal October, 1995.

This began innocently enough over 10 years ago when I pressed a perfectly flattened and dried frog into a slab of clay. I'd found the frog in a driveway in Dorset VT. I still use that original frog! However, my collection now includes many frogs, lizards, starfish, sea horses, and treasures too diverse to mention. One day a bicycle tour leader brought in a frog that for all the world, was the spitting image of Fred Astaire. Well, I gave him a cane (stem from a grape leaf), added a few friends, and VOILA! "dancing frogs". Fred Astaire
Frog Doing the Monkey &
Fred Astaire
fred and ginger
Fred and Ginger

While not my most serious work, these pieces are great fun.

Now Honestly!!!!

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